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The Commission adopts its own approach on development and use of Artificial Intelligence

The Communication on the Artificial Intelligence in the European Commission (AI@EC) outlines its strategic vision to foster the internal development and use of lawful, safe and trustworthy AI.  

When using or deploying AI, the Commission will: 

  • Develop internal operational guidelines that give staff – users, developers or procurers of AI systems – clear and pragmatic guidance on how to put such systems in operation. 
  • Assess and classify  AI systems that the Commission is using or planning to use – based on a risk-based approach and using the Commission’s operational guidelines. 
  • Refrain from using AI systems that are considered incompatible with European values or that represent a threat to the security, safety, health and fundamental rights of people. 
  • Put in place organisational structures to fulfil the obligations of the Commission in relation to AI. 

In doing so, the Commission will consider the planned EU political and legislative initiatives as well as all applicable existing legislation, including on non-discrimination, accessibility, information security and data protection. It will also consider the best practices and examples from industry at both, the national and international levels. When deciding on new IT investments, the Commission will consider the AI aspect to ensure compliance with the Commission’s operational guidelines. 

The full article is available on European Comission website!