Exciting Opportunities Ahead from Qu-Test & Qu-Pilot!

April 19

The QU-TEST & QU-PILOT project partners gathered for the M12 Meeting, hosted by TNO team in the  Hague, Netherlands. 

We discussed progress within 21 internal use cases. The network’s service providers are in the process of fine-tuning their facilities and advancing technology, incorporating insights from these use cases to prepare their pilot lines and testbeds for external businesses to enter through an OPEN call, starting in June 2024.

  • Qu-Test: Pioneering open testing and experimentation, Qu-Test is breaking barriers by making quantum technology facilities and services accessible across all 27 EU countries.
  • Qu-Pilot: Spearheading experimental production capabilities, Qu-Pilot is opening doors to public and privately-owned facilities, providing unprecedented support for quantum technology endeavors.

Don’t miss out on their service catalogue and open call initiatives.

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