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Smart2Go launches its Design Contest

Do you have an idea to implement electronics into a garment, accessories or other wearable item? You struggle with existing integration solutions? Smart2go project offers a flexible energy management platform which manages energy harvesting, energy storage as well as energy output and BLE based communication interface while allowing simple programming via the communication tools specified in the Handbook. Don’t miss this opportunity, you have time until February 21st to apply!

Design Contest
With the launch of this Design Contest, Smart2Go is supporting end-users towards the implementation of its unique flexible energy management platform. The components available in the platform are flexible batteries, super-capacitors, flexible solar cells and thermoelectric energy harvesting, piezo-electronic sensors and flexible OLED lighting. Finalists will have the opportunity to meet the experts and realize the finalist ideas together with them using cutting edge flexible technology components which only exists up to now on R&D level.

Judging criteria
The Smart2Go design competition jury will consist of technical and design professionals. The ideas will be judged by their evaluation criteria list:

  • Design uniqueness: originality of the idea
  • Market potential: design can be sold through channels familiar to the market segment
  • User experience: how the design enhances user experience
  • Feasibility estimation: technical feasibility and performance
  • Sustainability: improve a green perspective on applications using the platform

For further details and instructions please read carefully the “Rules and Instructions” and the “Handbook” available on our WEBSITE. In case of any additional doubts feel free to contact