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AMIRES is a consulting company for research, development and innovation projects. Our main strength is the creation of new international sustainable partnerships within innovation focused value chains. Our developed projects remain the main enablers for our industrial clients and their growth and provide the important opportunities for R&D community.

We are specialized in creation of consortia of partners with common aim for product or service innovation with significant potential for know-how commercialization. Unique and profound knowledge of the European public funding environment (e.g. the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, 7th Framework Programme EU for research and technological development) as well as broad network of market key-players contribute to the high quality of entrusted projects. We follow projects from their initiation and planning, through negotiation, execution and management to the final stage, where exploitation of a new technologies, products or services is facilitated. For our clients, we provide also external relations activities towards European funding institutions (e.g. European Commission, Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs), Executive Agencies) and other international bodies (e.g. European Technology Platforms and clusters).

“We help to invent a better future”

With continuous improvement of our work by various benchmarking methods, we have the aim to become the reliable partner for our customers (industry, SMEs, research centers and universities) in every innovation step. Our services are predominantly provided in the domains of material sciences (e.g. chemistry, physics, nanotechnology), energy efficiency (e.g. energy management, renewable sources), life sciences (e.g. biology, health), information and communication technologies (e.g. new components and systems, medical devices) and security (e.g. forensic methods, THz imaging).

Successful projects where strategic partnership was established as well as significant financial support from EU was committed include projects on: plasmonics for improved detectors and cameras, microstructures for anticounterfeit technology, tandem organic solar cells, development of universal nanoanalytical tool, biodegradable implants and scaffolds.

You can learn more on projects in which AMIRES participates in the website section Projects.

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