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Business Innovation Coaching


AMIRES can guide you through the innovation process to help you make sure that you do not miss innovation opportunities to step up your business. The coaching program is intended for SMEs in particular.

During the specially developed program, our consultants will:

  1. Analyze your company’s innovation potential
  2. Define your innovation competencies
  3. Design the innovation plan
  4. Assist you with the innovation projects’ execution

AMIRES has business innovation expertise mainly in the following domains:

  • material sciences (e.g. chemistry, physics, nanotechnology)
  • energy efficient buildings and technologies
  • life sciences (e.g. biology, health)
  • information and communication technologies (e.g. new components and systems, data networks, computation, modelling etc.)
  • security (e.g. forensic methods, THz imaging)

For more information contact Dr. Rudolf Fryček.