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AMIRES offers its services to large portfolio of clients. See some examples of our recent clients below.

R&D centers

CSEM SA (Switzerland)

Experts on signal processing and wireless communication decided to expand their activity to Energy efficiency domain. AMIRES supported CSEM for strategic partnering with large industrial company, where the idea of new energy management system was validated. AMIRES was responsible for completion of the consortium with important stakeholders from decentralized production and storage of energy and supported preparation of large-scale proposal (incl. preparatory meeting organization and responsibility for analysis of the business impact).  The prepared project was accepted and as a consequence additional new partnership was formed between CSEM and the large industrial partner. AMIRES is responsible for administrative project management of both ongoing collaborative projects and for dissemination of results.

CNR-ISMN (Italy)

Coordinator from CNR-ISMN in Bologna had successfully passed through the 1st stage of NMP (converging sciences) and AMIRES was asked to guide consortium through the 2nd stage preparation. Project accepted additional company for exploitation of results and included other specialists from the active medical implants domain. AMIRES co-chaired the preparatory meeting, distributed the responsibility for different proposal parts and was responsible for collection of individual inputs and their integration. AMIRES is now responsible for administrative project management of this collaborative project.


Leading researcher from University of Liechtenstein validated in lab scale the technology of new solar-thermal facades. He tried to obtain EU grant for improving and up scaling the preliminary results, however he failed. By partnering with AMIRES, he focused fully on the technical part of the solution, while AMIRES consultant supported him with communication with partners, by collection and integration of inputs. Together with the main end-user SME from Zurich (Switzerland), AMIRES prepared business outlook in well-defined market segment and potential partners for pilot installations were also found. AMIRES is now responsible for administrative project management of this collaborative project (incl. its dissemination).

R&D centers often act on a boundary between fundamental research and applied research and development. The particular motivation for collaborative projects (either funded by EU, from national sources or directly as industrial projects) is to validate the recent discovery for real-life application and/or leverage on the gained competence in the well-defined technological domain.  To succeed in these challenging tasks a strategic partnership with one or few companies is a first crucial step. Building confidence in the frame of a cooperative project is another step and it includes also professional project management, where AMIRES helps to impartially moderate and support R&D teams. If successful, the long-term cooperation between R&D teams and industries is a consequence.


CONTIPRO GROUP s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

The Contipro holding is active in research, development and biotechnological production of active ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hyaluronic acid and derived applications. AMIRES established with Contipro long-term cooperation which resulted in Contipro being part of four FP7 cooperative projects.

ALPES LASERS SA (Switzerland)

Alpes Lasers is an engineering company pioneering advanced light sources, especially Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) used in various applications such as gas detection.

TESCAN, a.s. (Czech Republic)

TESCAN is one of the global suppliers of scientific instruments based in Brno, the Czech Republic. The company is active in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications. AMIRES co-chaired the preparatory meeting for project on universal scanning electron microscope. AMIRES distributed the workload among project partners and was responsible for collection of individual inputs and their integration, drafting of Implementation and Impact part, document formatting and for electronic submission of the proposal. AMIRES is now responsible for administrative project management of this collaborative project and results dissemination.

HELIOTIS AG (Switzerland)

Heliotis was established in 2005 as a spin-off from Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique. Its activities consist of the development, the production and the sale of measuring systems which enable light microscopes to acquire 3D-images in real-time.


IPU Industries Ltd. has built up a deep and broad expertise in the research & development, engineering and production of Medical Products, Consumers Products, Biotechnology Products, Telecommunication Products and Military Products.

Small and Medium-size enterprises (SMEs) often can not afford to have extensive R&D department or they would like to partner with other world-leading institutes or companies for developing completely product or an advanced generation of existing products/services. SMEs are early adopters of new technologies and methods and therefore they are often the first commercialization partners. Essential element for efficient cooperation of  SMEs is completion of product value chain and guidance during negotiations on intellectual property protection and access rights.


BASF Schweiz (Switzerland)

BASF Schweiz belongs to group of BASF companies (headquarter in Germany) which represents one of the largest European chemical company. Thanks to collaborative projects AMIRES helped to prepare, BASF will expand application potential of previously developed materials or will supply completely new molecules, which are designed for targeted properties.

SEZNAM.CZ, a.s. (Czech Republic), a.s. is a company oriented to the Czech Internet market which produces unique Internet solutions. Since had no experience with FP7 projects preparation, AMIRES helped them with their first proposal submission in the role of the coordinator. Even though the proposal was not finally successful, it helped to better orient in the European funding landscape and find new partners for potential future cooperation.

Large companies see opportunity in cooperative project due to possibilities for observation of new technologies, eventually for establishing partnership with SMEs, who already adopted some critical innovations and who could significantly contribute to the value of existing large company portfolio of products/services.

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AMIRES is not only about helping us to write good proposals, to find potential partners, to extract valuable information, but also to be open minded, to create realistic and innovative research strategy, to find our true potential. Within the long-term collaboration service, they have been helping us for two years with several applications (two of them were successful) and we have been still learning to use our potential. Looking forward to next frame programme together.
Prof. Vojtěch Adam - Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic