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OrganTrans gathered for the prefinal M36 meeting

The meeting was hosted by Utrecht University partner in the unusual and interesting place, the railway museum in Utrecht (Netherlands) with the participation of Amires and other partners of the EU-funded.

Since the project will be finishing in June, it was an important moment to discuss and make final decisions on the integration and synchronization of the key components (bioprinting, bioink, cells, maturation platform) as well as optimization of the workflow for the development of a functional liver construct. Key decisions on the functional analysis of the constructs were discussed. Additionally, during this meeting, OrganTrans Consortium received valuable recommendations from the experts of the External Advisory Board.

The platform developed within OrganTrans project, is a future alternative for organ transplantation medicine as it proposes a disruptive alternative to donor organs for patients with chronic end-stage liver diseases. Importantly, this research creates novel technologies that can be applied to other organ systems and tissues in the field of regenerative medicine.

Follow our progress on our posts and see you at 3rd Regenerative Medicine Workshop on June 1st in Prague, Czech Republic.