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Kick-off meeting of Convert2Green project in Athens!

We are happy to welcome in our portfolio new Horizon Europe project Convert2GreenConverting Facilities Network for accelerating uptake of climate neutral materials in innovative products.

From the 18th -19th of January, Convert2Green team met in Athens to launch the works on specialised services and aid tools for innovative SMEs heading towards Greener Europe.

The OITB will provide services for SMEs and start-ups with innovative ideas and products to help them to move quickly and safely from lab to fab and to the market.

Clean Autonomous Vehicles, Smart health, Industrial Internet of Things, Low Carbon Industry and Clean energy – are the industrial domains to be focused on.

The innovators from the above mentioned fields can start looking forward to the top-notch services delivered by Convert2Green OITB representatives all over Europe: Business model creating, Value chains access, Novel financing strategies, Economic feasibility assessment, or Business case calculation.

Open calls for SMEs interested to try our services to be opened soon!

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