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OASIS Marketplace launched

We are happy to announce that the OASIS Catalogue of Services has been turned into an online digital Marketplace using the Ecosystem Management Platform by AMIRES!

This online marketplace allows everyone to browse through the services of OASIS in an interactive manner using filters that make it easier to find the right service. The tool also allows for the customers to directly enquire about the services they are interested in. This Marketplace is a lively environment which will be kept updated with new/adapted services continuously.

This Marketplace tool is the one-stop-shop to find services related to the introduction of nanoparticles and nanointermediates in composite and aluminium materials via innovative production technologies. It also encompasses associated services like design, modelling, simulation, characterization, and also business support services to aid the market adoption of new solutions developed. The ultimate goal is introducing innovative products which are lightweight, smart and have improved mechanical, thermal or electrical properties.

The Marketplace can be found HERE.