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MedPhab pilotline supports companies to develop demonstrators through the open call for demo cases program

ABIMI (AMIRES, The Business Innovation Management Institute) leads the helpdesk for companies to participate in the open calls for demo cases on MedPhab pilot line. The first round of evaluations resulted in three companies which were successfully selected. 220K Euros from EU- MedPhab budget will be allocated for these demonstrator cases. These cases require technologies on biosensors, microfluidics and microscopy and spectroscopy for drug development and diagnostics applications. These companies are located in 3 different European countries! Agreements between the companies and MedPhab partners are ongoing, and the cases are expected to start during February.

If you are interested to receive high quality services in photonics technologies from MedPhab partners for development of your photonics-based medical devices demonstrators, participate in the open calls, contact our  or visit MedPhab’s website