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MEET OUR TEAM: Panagiotis Chatzis

We are happy to welcome to our team Panagiotis Chatzis who joined our team as a Project Manager in November 2023. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Greece where he also served military service at the Public Affairs Office at NATO HQ.  He pursued his passion for service by taking on various administrative roles in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education. As he developed a thorough understanding of government policies and structures, he also experienced the impact of the deep Greek government-debt crisis that turned him towards the European Union by joining the European Politics and Society Programme, an international joint master’s degree composed of 4 semesters in 3 different European cities: Prague, Kraków, and Leiden. Having nurtured avid support for European Integration, he engaged in three EU Framework Programmes: Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ and CERV.

Before joining us, he was a Trainee at the Office of the Director at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, where he acquired comprehensive knowledge about creating jobs and delivering sustainable and smart growth through research and innovation.

He does enjoy spending free time in various ways that enrich the body and mind. Swimming is one of his favorite sports, as it helps him relax and stay fit. Listening to podcasts is another hobby of Panagiotis, as in this way he learns new things and hear different perspectives on various topics.

In AMIRES, Panagiotis is involved in the Horizon Europe Projects ECOBALLIFE and NetZeroAICT.

We are glad to have Panagiotis in our team and we wish him best of luck!