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Innovation in Healthcare: Insights from the Front Lines

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the EU (32.5%). Overall, patients with diseases of the circulatory system spend a total of 69 million days in hospitals across the EU annually. And the problem is getting worse: In the past 15 years the average age of heart attack patients in the Czech Republic has dropped from 63 to 49 and 30-year-old cardiac patients are no longer an exception.
In cardiac emergencies, every minute counts and fast and effective interventions are absolutely crucial to save the life of patients. New lifesaving technologies such as ECMO – a temporary support system for patients with severe cardiac or respiratory failure that acts as an external heart and lung – offer to revolutionize cardiac care. But to really make a difference the technologies need to be closely aligned with clinical needs and fit into the reality at the hospital. 
To see some of these innovations in action and get a better understanding of the needs of the healthcare system with regards to novel technologies and solutions, AMIRES Health & Biotech Team recently visited the General Faculty Hospital in Prague (Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze; VFN). We were welcomed by Dr. Bělohlávek, experienced interventional cardiologist, intensivist and head of the Second Internal Medicine Department.

Under his guidance and in exchange with staff of the clinic, we not only heard about, but had the chance to experience in real life how innovations in healthcare, including novel technologies from EU projects are applied in clinical practice to improve the care and life of patients suffering from cardiac diseases. 
Our main takeaway: The collaboration between researchers, technology developers and clinicians is absolutely crucial to ensure effective uptake of the developed innovations and lead to improved patient outcomes. We’re excited that AMIRES is on the front lines of this intersection and look forward to strengthening this position even more in the future.
Current projects in the AMIRES Health and Biotech program include PANCAIM, Tumor-LN-oCeCAP, ORGANTRANS and Medphab – with several more in the pipeline!
A big thanks for the VFN Team – We greatly appreciate the hospitality and the opportunity to witness the impact of healthcare innovation in a real life setting!

Photo credit: AMIRES and Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze –