With the “Ecosystem Management Platform” Tool…

The AMIRES Ecosystem Management Platform (EMP) is a versatile IT tool designed for community building across various fields. With the EMP tool, you can gather all relevant information related to your specific area (such as organizations, available products or capabilities, news, and events) and visualize it conveniently in one location. Depending on your requirements, we currently offer four customized modules for:

  • A marketplace of items (products/services) search engine
  • Organization profile search engine
  • Online content sharing – latest news, advertisements, reports, etc.
  • Tracking the progress of your projects/processes

Our strong partners since the beginning:

Usage LicenceWe provide access to the web-based back-end of the platform.
Community ManagementWe can help you with building and maintaining a brand’s community, including personal data curation, collecting inputs, quality control, and notification/forms setup.
IT & Development SupportWe provide IT support, including minor adaptations of the visual appearance of the EMP. As our platform evolves, we will keep you informed of the latest feature updates.