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Taking on pancreatic cancer with artificial intelligence: The PANCAIM M24 Meeting in Madrid

From the 19-20 of January, the PANCAIM Consortium met in Madrid at the premises of CNIO, the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, for the project’s M24 meeting to share updates and align on next steps for datasharing and AI development.

After 2 years of the project, the PANCAIM team reaffirmed the urgent need to improve healthcare and outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients. Overall, the meeting got the consortium a little bit closer to developing impactful and trustworthy AI applications to improve the detection, treatment and prognosis for patients with this critical disease.
The meeting provided space and time for many important discussions in PANCAIM: While principal investigators mainly discussed the strategic aspects of the project including priorities for the next few year, other team members got together to discuss technical questions and find a common approach to shared challenges.

Among others, partners discussed how to speed up the transfer of data into the central PANCAIM repository and potentially connect to other clinical centers in the future to ensure sufficient quantity and diversity of source data – this is absolutely essential for both training and validation of the AI algorithms which should finally serve as decision-making support for doctors in the hospital.

In the next few months, the PANCAIM team will work hard to train and improve unimodal AI applications, which will serve to identify the most relevant features in radiomics, pathomics and genomics respectively. The current status of these models was presented and critically reviewed in the meeting with our External Advisory Board in the afternoon, who gave valuable feedback and recommendations which will be taken into account going forward.

A delicious Spanish dinner and delicious pastries during the coffee breaks kept all participants happy and ready to engage. A big thank you to CNIO for hosting us, and thanks to all our partners + EAB members for joining us in Madrid and online!

Follow the project on LinkedIn and Twitter to receive all the latest updates. We are looking forward to continuing this project and make a much necessary impact for pancreatic cancer patients in Europe!