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Takeaways from the AMI deep tech event “the PRAGUE NEXT-GEN TECHNOLOGY MEET-UP”

If you are curious about how the lab tour ended up by looking at our college Martina Chopart, stay calm, luckily, she did not hit the Laser Kill. And now you can find some of our insightful takeaways from the meet-up of lasers, photonics and much more.
Our next deep tech event – the PRAGUE NEXT-GEN TECHNOLOGY MEET-UP, organized by AMIRES, HiLase Centre and the “Brain4Industry”-European Digital Innovation Hub, took place on 20th September 2023 at HiLASE Centre in Dolní Břežany. The goal of this meet-up was to show opportunities and connect Czech SMEs with pilot lines’ coordinators from our portfolio projects while exploring the latest trends in photonics, micro-optics and 2D materials. With its list of speaker talents and great dinner, the meet-up fed our spirits and provided good, quality time with our friends in the industry.
A room was packed with people, especially SMEs in the field of #microoptics, #medtech #photonics #innovation, who showed up for presentations of #technology services and talks with inspirational speakers – even some that travelled from afar in order to join us.
Here are some insightful notes from speakers: 

  • PHABULOuS Pilot Line- there is still a possibility to sign up for their Open Call that may help you to move towards volume production of free-form micro-optical components.
  • PhotonHub provides a unique service by collating the broad training offerings in photonics from RTO’s, training centres and industry across Europe into a single online catalogue of the European Photonics Innovation Academy.
  • The 2D Experimental Pilot has launched its fourth multi-project wafer (MPW) run where universities, research institutes and companies can include their designs as dies on joint wafers. (Visit 2D-EPL multi-project wafer run 4 | Graphene Flagship)
  • MedPhab Pilot Line is the first EU Pilot line that supports photonics medical device development.
  • There are two projects in 2D materials- MatEl (PZT and Graphene MATerials innovations for advanced opto-Electronic applications in AR and biosensing) and Next-2Digits (The next generation of sensors and imagers enabled by 2D materials digital integration).

We also supported attendees with information on how Czech companies can take advantage of public funding by applying in open calls (if you still need some support contact us here).

Thanks to all the speakers and participants that joined us.
A special thanks to our speakers Ioanna Zergioti, from National Technical University of Athens:; Nathalie DEBAES, from Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Jan Hesse, from JOANNEUM RESEARCH;  Miika Soikkeli from VTT and Harry Heinzelmann, from CSEM; to our great moderator Roman Pašek and last but not least to Tomáš Mocek, Sanin Zulić, Jana De Merlier and  Martina Řeháková who supported us in organizing.