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SmartEEs project Kick-off meeting

SmartEEs is one of the five EU projects funded under the H2020 Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative. SmartEEs will develop a Digital Innovation Hub dedicated to Organic Large Area Electronics (OLAE), an organized European innovation network that will provide an access to both competencies and business support for innovation adoption.

The SmartEEs kick-off meeting was held on 14  – 15 September, in Grenoble, at CEA facilities. The project brings together 7 competence centres and 3 partners dealing with business support and networking. During the meeting, several product concepts were presented. These will be included in the Market Place platform where Innovative Companies will be inspired by different potential applications for flexible electronics products. Three workshops were also organized during the meeting to decide on the contents of the Market Place (presenting the SmartEEs services accessible through a One-Stop-Shop); the evaluation and selection process for the proposals (Application Experiments) for innovative companies was discussed and the target groups and related Dissemination strategies were also defined.

20 Application Experiments will be conducted to explore the technology transfer into business, organization of cooperation, access to finance, services to be provided and act as showcases to raise awareness and activate potential users. The first SmartEEs call for proposals (Application Experiment) will be published in SmartEEs website in November 2017. More information will come soon!