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Meet Mathias Leandro Fernandez, a 23-year-old visionary hailing from San Juan, Argentina. With a multilingual edge in Spanish, English, and Italian, Mathias embarked on a journey in Industrial Engineering at UNSJ, Argentina, before advancing to Industrial Organization Engineering at the University of Málaga, Spain.

Driven by a lifelong interest in emotional intelligence and self-growth, Mathias transformed into a Life Coach after training at the Leadership Training School, Buenos Aires, in 2022.

Mathias’s thirst for knowledge extends to project management, innovation, and entrepreneurship, culminating in his recognition during the Flash Session Hackathon 4 by UMA Link in May 2023. Awarded a scholarship, he excelled at the European Innovation Academy 2023 in Porto, Portugal, contributing as Chief Product Officer for HOTTBOXX. This startup optimizes delivery driver routes, elevating service quality.

Mathias Rodriguez embodies youthful vigor, innovation, and a commitment to personal and collective progress. His journey is an inspiring testament to continuous learning and making a positive impact.

Beyond his achievements, Mathias enjoys sports, travel, and channeling positivism towards animal welfare.

In AMIRES, Mathias will be working as an Intern involved in different tasks helping our team. Thanks to IAESTE Czech Republic every year we open a door to an intern who spends with us 2 months, this year we are pleased to welcome Mathias for our new internship.