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MedPhab successful second review meeting

On March 29, MedPhab completed the second EC review meeting since the start of the project in January 2020.

During this meeting, achievements and highlights of the pilot line during the last 18 months were presented to the EC Project Officer (PO) and three experts who evaluated the progress as external reviewers. The main topics included: a) the progress of the pilot line operational processes through the Front Office and the aligned way of working of the pilot line, b) the technology maturation through the use cases and the external demo cases, c) the progress on the engagement with external companies through the open calls, d) dissemination to stakeholder groups within the medical community, e) growth of the ecosystem through the community management platform ( ) and interactions with other EU initiatives and pilot lines (e.g. PhotonHub) and f) the business planning, through a sustainability model of a non-profit association, which has launched the commercial website ( ). In addition, on the frame of the review, two of the external companies (Spectracure and Femtoarrays) that had participated as demo case,s were interviewed by the Project officer and reviewers. Overall, they have been fully satisfied with the services received from MedPhab pilotline.

The pilot line has encountered some challenges, including technical and changes on the consortium.   However, mitigation strategies have been implemented successfully. During an open discussion, the reviewers and PO have acknowledged and congratulated the consortium for the progress during this period. They appreciated the openness and transparency of the consortium and the dedication of partners and coordinator, Prof. Jussi Hiltunen. The positive evaluation of this panel from the European Commission, strengthen the motivation and efforts to continue the work  on the MedPhab photonics pilot line dedicated for medical diagnostics.

ABIMI is very happy in contributing to this successful story!

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