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Implantable polymeric scaffolds for neural repair

The ETPN RegMed WG webinars are open to both ETPN members and non-members.  By presenting recent advancement of ETPN members in the Regenerative Medicine field, these webinars aim to improve know how exchange, identification of key European experts and a wider networking between ETPN members (e.g. for collaborative projects). It is also intended to keep webinars open for ETPN non-members, particularly for industrial companies, to facilitate cooperation between researchers and enterprises (mainly SMEs).

Prof. Maria Letizia Focarete

Maria Letizia Focarete is Associate Professor (Science and Technology of Polymeric Materials) at the University of Bologna. She leads the Research Group in Polymer Science at the Department of Chemistry “G. Ciamician. She is also strongly involved in activities related to biomaterials at the Health Sciences and Technologies - Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research (HST-ICIR) at the University of Bologna.

Prof. Laura Calzà

Prof. Laura Calzà, MD is an Endocrinologist at the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology and Health Sciences and Technologies - Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research (HST-ICIR) University of Bologna.

Webinar content

In their presentation, prof. Focarete and prof. Calzà introduced activities of the Health Sciences and Technologies—Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna related to regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, and then illustrated a couple of recent research achievements on implantable polymeric biomaterials for neural repair.

Webinar recording
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