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ECOBALLIFE started last September in San Sebastian!

On the 13th of September, ECOBALLIFE kick-off meeting was celebrated in San Sebastian. The event was organized and hosted by Tecnalia.

It is a new adventure for AMIRES – our first ever participation in an European Defence Fund.

We are glad to welcome in our AMI portfolio the ECOBALLIFE project – Research in Eco-Designed Ballistic Systems for Durable Lightweight Protections Against Current and New Threats in Platform and Personal Applications – which will identify, create and improve knowledge, new materials and technologies to ensure a high level of protection against a wide range of threats, reducing the risk of injury to soldiers.

Project partners under the leadership of Tecnalia met in San Sebastian to discuss first steps on how to reach the project objectives of finding new material concepts and technologies to create proof-of concepts of new personal and military platform protection solutions that can protect against new threats. 

In the picture below you can see the participants who were present during the kick-off meeting in San Sebastian.

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