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eCAP meeting in Prague sets the scene for preclinical and clinical studies for innovative diagnostics of digestive disease

On 11-12 October, eCAP consortium partners were welcomed by ABIMI in Prague for a biannual project progress meeting. eCAP project is an Innovation Action from our health portfolio, developing a smart capsule with multiple sensors and integrated e-health platform for detecting biochemical and physiologic events associated with gastrointestinal disorders.

At month 18 of the 4-year project, a lot has been achieved since the consortium last met. To name a few:

  • The battery prototype developed by Integer is ready for eCAP capsule.
  • Tyndall National Institute and the Imagination Factory are finalising mechanical work in preparation of animal testing.
  • First iterations of the e-health platform have been developed by RDS.
  • Clinical study protocol has been drawn up by IHU.
  • Thorough training on regulatory matters has been conducted by EnteraSense and Betthera to maximise patient safety and accelerate eventual marketing approval process for the novel medical device.

The meeting was dedicated to working out a detailed plan for the major milestones upcoming in the project: animal testing, manufacturing the first batch of eCAP1 capsule and launching the first-in-human clinical trials in France in 2024. In addition, eCAP will undergo its first project review in January 2024, a task which ABIMI is happy to support the consortium with.
While the agenda was packed with important discussions, the partners found some time to enjoy the beauty of Prague and catch up informally. Nothing beats meeting in person – we were glad to have you!