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CONDOR will be presented during the IX Ciamician Photochemistry School, 6th – 9th June 2022

On 6th – 9th June 2022, the implementation of the CONDOR technology will be presented during the “IX Ciamician Photochemistry School, From Fundamentals to Applications”, organised by the Photochemical Nanosciences Laboratory of the University of Bologna.

CONDOR project is developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies supporting innovative solutions in the area of storable renewable energy. The project targets a modular device for the production of fuels by using water and carbon dioxide as feedstock and sunlight as the sole energy source.

During the event, the consortium partners will illustrate the fundamentals of photoinduced electron transfer processes, photoelectrochemistry and photophysics of semiconductors, as well as the implementation of the CONDOR technology within the framework of solar energy exploitation and mitigation of CO2 emission. Details of the event are available HERE.