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BIOPRINTING – Engineering Complex Bioarchitectures to Biomimic Nature: A Step Closer To The Development of Artificial Organs

The ETPN RegMed WG webinars are open to both ETPN members and non-members.  By presenting recent advancement of ETPN members in the Regenerative Medicine field, these webinars aim to improve know how exchange, identification of key European experts and a wider networking between ETPN members (e.g. for collaborative projects). It is also intended to keep webinars open for ETPN non-members, particularly for industrial companies, to facilitate cooperation between researchers and enterprises (mainly SMEs).

Marc Thurner

Marc Thurner is the CEO and founder of regenHU Ltd. Active in the advancement of biofabrication for over 15 years he is a leading contributor to the 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering scene. regenHU is a three dimensional biotechnology company, exploiting the potential of 3D bioprinting & cell based therapies — is a creative innovator in the development of biomedical products for regenerative medicine & drug discovery. Based in Fribourg, Switzerland, regenHU is a pioneer and global leader in its field, converging digital manufacturing (3D printing), biomaterials and biotechnology to create transformational innovations in Healthcare.

Webinar content

In the webinar, regenHU’s cutting edge biofabrication process, which creates infinite possibilities in the manufacture of artificial tissues and organs, was presented. By engineering Macro & Nano architectures in a single process unit, regenHU has opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities allowing us to mimic biological systems identical to those found in nature.

Webinar recording
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