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AMIRES will be present at the European Quantum Technologies 2023 in Hannover, Germany

Next week, from October 16th to 20th, Hannover is about to get a dazzling dose of quantum magic. It’s all happening at the European Quantum Technologies Conference 2023, and trust us, we don’t want to miss it!AMIRES’ will be present to disseminate the QU-Test and QU-Pilot projects. The coordinators for QU-Test, Gabriele Bulgarini (TNO) and Qu-Pilot, Mika Prunilla (VTT) will make presentations at the event on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday, prepare for a feast of knowledge during the Plenary Session. We’ll be diving deep into “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future: Chips Act and Pilot Lines” and “QT User Take-up: Success Stories and Infrastructure Access.” Mika Prunila from VTT, along with some other incredible speakers, will be the guides.
And on Thursday at the Parallel Sessions, “Scientific Advances Across the Quantum Domains.” The first track will be about “Deployment of Quantum Technology: Pilot Lines, Test & Measurements, and Standardization Partners.”. QU-Test coordinator and partners will be there to share groundbreaking insights.

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Stay tuned to discover the outcomes of this event as we anticipate the exciting developments that will unfold.

We are eagerly looking forward to this remarkable gathering, and we can’t wait to engage with you at the forefront of quantum technology.