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Webinar: MedPhab – Photonics pilot line for medical diagnostics

This webinar introduces MedPhab, presenting MedPhab technology capabilities and how to work with the pilot line. By registering here for the event, participants may find a solution to a product development problem.  The Webinar will take place on October 28, 2021 and five MedPhab partners will speak about MedPhab, including Mariana Pacheco Blanco, MedPhab project manager and Programme manager at AMIRES who will present MedPhab Community management platform (CMP).

MedPhab pilot-line CMP includes a technical marketplace, the virtual catalogue of capabilities of the whole Photonics-based medical devices ecosystem. Although at this moment MedPhab partners technical services are visible, during October 2021, non-MedPhab partners will be able to register their organisation and offering (prototypes, products and services). This platform is a community building tool that allows lowering the barrier for photonics technologies adoption by companies interested in medical applications. Therefore, through CMP third parties interested in MedPhab services can submit their enquiries via the in-take form.