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Webinar: MedPhab open call to support photonic medical device innovation

AMIRES with its experience in open call preparation and implementation is in the core team organising for MedPhab open calls for demo-cases.  MedPhab, Europe’s pilot line for photonics-based medical devices, is launching an Open Call for proposals for companies developing medical products. In the selected projects MedPhab will provide technology development services to companies that are adopting advanced photonics technologies in medical diagnostics solutions, with a subsidized financial support of up to 75%.

This programme will be launched soon, having as first cut-off on July 15, 2021, and to explain all steps needed for participation, MedPhab is organising a Webinar on May 11, 2021 11:30 CEST. If you are interested in learning more about MedPhab and about how you can participate in the Open Call tune in to this webinar. More information about the Webinar HERE, and about MedPhab open call HERE