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Virtual Regenerative Medicine Workshop “FROM LAB TO CLINIC”

CSEM and AMIRES invite you to the Virtual Regenerative Medicine Workshop with the main slogan “FROM LAB TO CLINIC”. It is organized in the frame of the OrganTrans EU funded project and is a part of the webinar series “NEXT GEN ORGAN-ON-CHIP & ORGANOIDS”. The workshop initiative aims to bring together leading experts from different companies and countries from across the expansive field of regenerative medicine. Structured around keynote presentations from selected speakers, the workshop will facilitate the exchange of views on the future technology solutions, therapy, products, and applications in regenerative medicine together with relevant information about enabling funding of the research in this field.
Take the opportunity, participate and find out more about incredible technology, modern trends, and interests of the key players in this field. Establish your new network for future collaborations! You can find below the list of companies presenting at this event.


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