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Prof. Vojtěch Adam – Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic

AMIRES is not only about helping us to write good proposals, to find potential partners, to extract valuable information, but also to be open minded, to create realistic and innovative research strategy, to find our true potential. Within the long-term collaboration service, they have been helping us for two years with several applications (two of them were successful) and we have been still learning to use our potential. Looking forward to next frame programme together.

Herman Leenders – Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

AMIRES helped us with the InPulse proposal for a photonic pilot line. They supported us via the “expert package” and contributed to the success of the proposal – the maximum evaluation score of 15. It was a pleasure to work with AMIRES consultants, committed professionals and pleasant colleagues. Their service provided excellent value for money.

Prof. Jan Tachezy – Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec (BIOCEV), Czech Republic

We were impressed by professional support by AMIRES during the preparation of  H2020 Twinning project. They critically analyzed our drafts and identified and improved weak points of the proposal. Their know-how in EC project preparation was essential and significantly increased our chances to be funded. We appreciated fast, time-flexible a friendly communication.

Corne Rentrop – TNO, Holst Centre, Netherlands

The AMIRES team guided me with a clear process and templates  throughout the whole proposal preparation, especially improving the excellence in the management sections necessary in large proposals.  The experienced consultant suggested the important changes for clarity of the project idea. Despite being in different European locations the communication was exemplary with numerous phone calls and fast response to my emails.

Dr. Marco Michelotti – COO, ProPHOS Chemicals srl, Italy

Marco Michelotti_smallI‘ve contacted AMIRES to receive support in the submission of a proposal under the SME Instrument Phase 2. Since the beginning I was impressed by the company’s code of conduct. I felt immediately comfortable working with a consulting company that rapidly delivered analysis and a tailored solution to maximize time and resources. Communication and responsiveness were excellent. This created a good and productive relationship. Really surprising for me was the technical background of the consultant, understanding of technical needs, and their highly valuable comments.

Eva Bystrenova – ISMN-CNR, Italy

We have “Long term collaboration” with AMIRES team as for FP7 as for H2020 calls. AMIRES team is a very integral part in our process of creating and managing project proposals. They listen to what we were looking for and could easily translate those ideas into the technical details. Very easy to work with AMIRES team, extremely knowledgeable and also prompt with their responses, they helped keep the project on track and holds people accountable. They provide a straightforward summary with clear time-lines and accountability. They have a proven process for project management that significantly improved the chances that the project will be completed on time, on budget, and on target. We appreciate the very easy and user-friendly way of communication.

Martin Schröcker – CEO, GlassX AG, Switzerland

MSchroecker_smallIn the challenging process of putting together a Horizon 2020 research proposal on a tight schedule the support from AMIRES made all the difference. They helped us as coordinator to manage the project consortium in an effective way and to focus our efforts on the key points required for a strong project idea. Furthermore, their quick grasp of the technical concepts, challenging yet supportive questions and deep experience with the execution side of EU projects made a huge difference to the quality of the proposal. Working with AMIRES made the proposal process both vastly more efficient and more fun.

Dr. Nenad Marjanović – CSEM SA, Switzerland

Nenad_smallThe oxi-PAD consortium teamed up with AMIRES during the proposal development, writing and submission phase. Their critical thinking, analyzis, weak points addressing, and overall help was essential for continuous improvement of the draft. Thanks to AMIRES’ experience, the oxi-PAD proposal draft was completed and submitted on due time. As a coordinator, I want to highlight their administrative support and professionalism. The oxi-PAD consortium is looking forward to working with AMIRES on the project execution.

Dr. Maria Farsari – IESL-FORTH, Greece

MariaFarsarismallI got the opportunity to work with AMIRES preparing a FET proposal, and I was extremely impressed by their professionalism, helpfulness, punctuality, and efficiency. I was most particularly impressed by their scientific knowledge and understanding of their project, and their ability to identify and improve weak points.

Bahar Basim Ph.D. – Ozyegin University, Turkey

Bahar 2010_smallAMIRES consultants have done a great job leading us to completion with frank and prompt comments.  The provided templates added value to a proposal that was managed within the proper timelines. Both involved consultants are very experienced and they provided excellent suggestions and examples. The level of professionalism is very high and it was highly appreciated by the whole consortium.

Tomáš Mocek, Ph.D. – HiLASE, FZU ASCR, Czech Republic

SONY DSCThe HiLASE team was strongly supported by the AMIRES during preparation of the project proposal within the call – H2020 Teaming for Excellence. We appreciated, in particular, time flexibility within a stretched schedule for preparation of proposal, very professional approach, important hints and know-how in order to prepare a top-ranking project proposal which was finally accepted by the EC as the only project of the Academy of the Sciences of the CR.

Prof. Giuseppe Spoto – University of Catania, Italy

image descriptionOur team had the opportunity to work together with AMIRES in the preparation of a H2020 proposal and I was really impressed by the highly professional support they were able to provide. Any step of the proposal preparation, starting from the consortium organization to the final proposal organization, greatly benefited from AMIRES highly professional assistance. Among the other aspects, I was particularly impressed by the AMIRES consultant capability to deeply understand the scientific content of the proposal and to actively identify critical aspects of the proposal to be improved.

Delphine Bourdon – CEA, France

Delphine BourdonIt has been a pleasure to work with AMIRES on the building of a H2020-LCE02 project proposal on CSP. Their administrative support, the relevance of their comments and advices have really guided and helped us in this preparation through the EC formalism. Regarding their experience, having them as consortium partner to ensure the financial and administrative management of the project would for sure be an appreciated assistance.

Emmanuel Onillon – CSEM SA, Switzerland

SUISSE EMMANUEL ONILLON ELISA CSEMAMIRES helped us to identify the most appropriate calls with respect to our competencies and brought in expertise to build successful proposals and consortiums. Additionally AMIRES brings professional support for project management.

Christian Bosshard – CSEM SA, Switzerland

Christian-Bosshard_smallThe quality of AMIRES consulting process is very good and responsibility for all financial details, implementation and impact part was essential. The support during negotiations among partners and completion of the proposal was very helpful as well.

Dr. Rolando Ferrini – CSEM SA, Switzerland

Ferrini_webMy team was supported by AMIRES during FP7-ICT proposal preparation in solid-state lighting domain.  Experience of AMIRES consultant, provided templates and timeline planning were real assets. I strongly appreciated guidance through the most critical steps of proposal preparation. The cooperation resulted in positive synergy between the technical and the exploitation parts.

Prof. Martin Nikl – FZU ASCR, Czech Republic

nikl_webUsing the “Expert Package” consulting model, AMIRES helped us to prepare the FP7-NMP EU-Japan project proposal. I was extremely pleased with the on-line collaboration with AMIRES consultant: his professional, fast, constructive and very targeted comments helped us to tune and improve the proposal content a lot.

Dr. Daniel Gstöhl – Uni Liechtenstein

gstoehl_webI partnered with AMIRES during “Full Project Management” of FP7-ENERGY project proposal. I was really impressed by experience of AMIRES consultant and appreciated the guidance and assistance through preparation process. He quickly pointed out the critical points of the project and his feedback was always very motivating.