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Sustainable and smart becomes real – world´s first organic photovoltaic cell on recycled material made by EU-consortium FlexFunction2Sustain

The partners of the EU project FlexFunction2Sustain have committed themselves to create a network for innovative solutions for sustainable and smart products powered by nano-functionalized paper and plastic in order to support SMEs, start-ups and industries in the development and market launch of pioneering products. After the first two years, a number of promising results and prototypes have emerged and will be presented at the Conference for Industrial Technologies IndTech 2022 in Grenoble, France, June 27-29, 2022. Among them, a recently finalized highlight: the first working organic photovoltaic cell on recycled plastics. This represents a first major step in the development of more environmentally friendly product designs and flexible electronics. In the future, products such as smart packaging, but also interactive magazines in the field of advertising or consumer electronics can be designed based on these initial developments. Thanks to flexible electronics such as an OPV cell on recycled material, tomorrow’s products will be powered a little more environmentally friendly.

Read the Press Release announcing the outcomes of the FlexFunction2Sustain project.