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Summer internship at AMIRES

We are happy to say that we regularly open our door for a university student for an internship. Thanks to cooperation with IAESTE that is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization that brings together students and academics around the world and strives for the professional and personal development of students and young graduates we were happy to welcome during this summer our intern Sowmya who arrived from India.

Here is what she says about her internship:

“I am Sowmya Ashok Kumar, an M. Tech (Master’s in Technology) Biotechnology graduate from Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore, India. I have always leaned towards research and development, which acted as a driving force for me to choose biotechnology which opened many opportunities to explore and learn fascinating concepts like how a single nucleotide can cause a radical difference in an organism. It completely changed my perspective on life and how research works. Apart from my course, I have worked on various projects with efficient product development. I was delighted to find this internship offer during my final semester through IAESTE, an international organization that coordinates internships for students and I applied for the same.

I was super excited about this offer, and my first trip to Europe. It was the best decision to apply for AMIRES, as the work culture was completely new to me, yet everyone was so kind and helped me adapt quickly. I got to work with new and upcoming concepts in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), where I was free to explore different databases and software. It was a highly informative and creative process to discover various methods for modelling the life cycle of a product and assessing its sustainability and environmental impact on society. Thank you IAESTE and AMIRES for providing this great opportunity, which was a huge exposure for me.”

We thank Sowmya for her effort and help and we wish her all the best with her future!