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SmartEEs Tuned Another Application Experiment to Bring Lighting Comfort With a Healthier Solution

ESYST, a Czech-based supplier for interior lighting, industrial lighting and public lighting, submitted a proposal to SmartEEs project for an application experiment aiming to bring smart light solutions.

There were two main problems:  lack of intelligent lighting luminaires and low lighting comfort resulting in unhealthy solutions for lighting interiors, which disturb hormone production and thus prevent an undisturbed circadian rhythm. SmartEEs solution, with the service provider – Fraunhofer FEP was developing human-centric light by LED/OLED combination. Development of esthetically pleasing smart lights, utilizing both LED and OLED for their emission capabilities of required wavelengths. By combining two separate tuneable-white modules, the color temperature range of emitted light was expanded, which improves quality over standard human-centric lights. By adding smart control on top the resulting lights should offer a wide range of applications and features such as usage statistics which may lead to more effective use in the future and thus lower power consumption. AMIRES, as a SmartEEs business provider for this case, identified growth potentials by analyzing market segments and further business opportunities throughout the business coaching sessions.

Watch ESYST’s story to bring lighting comfort and healthier solutions to life with SmartEEs support.