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Selenium nanoparticles and their utilization in scaffolds

The ETPN RegMed WG webinars are open to both ETPN members and non-members.  By presenting recent advancement of ETPN members in the Regenerative Medicine field, these webinars aim to improve know how exchange, identification of key European experts and a wider networking between ETPN members (e.g. for collaborative projects). It is also intended to keep webinars open for ETPN non-members, particularly for industrial companies, to facilitate cooperation between researchers and enterprises (mainly SMEs).

Prof. Vojtěch Adam

Prof. Vojtěch Adam is the Head of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Vice-Rector for Science and Development at Mendel University in Brno.

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In his presentation, prof. Adam outlined the possibilities for utilization of selenium nanoparticles and shared some latest research achievements on selenium nanoparticles and their utilization in scaffolds. Of a particular interest was SelenBact, a skin healing gel for veterinary use, which the Mendel University developed in partnership with MedicProgress and which is today already on the market. For any questions of inquiries please contact Prof. Adam at

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