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PRESS RELEASE: SuPerTandem to bring new Photovoltaic Technology with higher efficiency

We find ourselves in an era when the demand for affordable green energy exceeds the alternative energy supply and thus, we have to look for new alternatives to the currently well-known sources of renewable energy.

EU leaders have allocated huge financial resources to help scientists and industries to put their hands and heads together to work on new technologies and manufacturing techniques to secure supply of green energy technology in Europe and increase implementation of green energy.
One of the successful examples of such collaboration between top European research capacities and industrial players is the SuPerTandem project financed with the sources from Horizon Europe research aid programme and SERI, the Swiss state secretariat for education, research, and innovation.

The SuPerTandem project team is working on a breakthrough perovskite photovoltaic tandem technology with the aim to offer to the solar energy market a perovskite solar panel which is affordable for only 20 EUR per square meter, made of low-cost, widely available raw materials and manufactured by low carbon footprint production process.

Project coordinator Sjoerd Veenstra, TNO, explains the potential of the technology: “The novel perovskite solar modules we jointly develop are flexible, ready for integrated solutions, highly efficient, thin, lightweight, and circular – a combination of qualities which cannot be found in nowadays Photovoltaic panels.

The above listed attributes increase the attractivity of the new technology throughout the whole spectrum of end users such as electric car manufacturers, farmers, or simply everyone who enjoys spending some days off grid.

The professional team formed by top notch researchers and industrial players met at SAULE Technologies, in Wroclaw to share the latest results and best practise and to unite on further steps to work on efficiency, stability, circularity and scaling the technology to an industrial relevant level.
The project partners come from 15 Top European institutions active in the field of perovskite photovoltaics – namely represented by: TNO – Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, HZB Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Fraunhofer ISE, SAULE Technologies and Saule Research Institute, TuE – Eindhoven University of Technology, CEA – Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, 3D Micromac, FOM Technologies, SALD – Spatial Ald Innovators, Tecnalia, AMIRES, EMPA, Flisom and Fluxim.

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SuPerTandem Project Coordinator: Sjoerd Veenstra, TNO, sjoerd.veenstra(at)
SuPerTandem Project Manager: Jaroslava Kašparová, AMIRES, kasparova(at)

The project members to meet in Wroclaw.
Flexible perovskite photovoltaic module developed and printed by SAULE s.a.
The SuPerTandem team in the laboratories of Saule Research Institute.