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Optical Process Control & Monitoring in Thin-Film Production (Workshop)

NanoQI: Hyperspectral Imaging & X-Ray Solutions Demo
Fraunhofer FEP │Dresden│30 March 2023
SAVE THE DATE: NanoQI project is organizing a second dedicated workshop at the Fraunhofer Campus in Dresden. Dresden is a unique future-oriented location, sometimes nicknamed as the “Fraunhofer capital” with its ten institutes, facilities and branches.

Fraunhofer FEP will bring a one-day event to demonstrate the new quality control method developed in the NanoQI project for large-area & high-speed measurements of thin-film nano-materials.

The main focus of this event will be to introduce the NanoQI integration at the coFlex® 600 machine for vacuum web coating of flexible materials with optical, electrical and decorative functional layers and barrier layers.

Become the first early industrial adopter of the multimodal combination of hyperspectral imagining and XRD or XRR. Join us at Optical Process Control & Monitoring in Thin-Film Production Workshop on the 30th March 2023

Spaces are limited, so register for free today!