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New Project on Material Innovations for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications Has Just Started!

On 17th January 2023, we traveled to Greece to kick off the Horizon Europe Project MatEl, coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens

The vision of this project, which unites eight partners from five European countries, is to create the next generation of optoelectronic devices with multiple functionalities in a miniaturized footprint. 

Project MatEl’s objective is to introduce novel on-chip integration schemes enabled by innovative laser processing of advanced materials, such as graphene or PZT.

We aim to demonstrate the universal vision of the project on two applications in Augmented Reality (AR) and advanced biosensing, accelerating the industrial adoption of hybrid OEICs.

MatEl project benefits from the strong presence of innovative award-winning SMEs, key players in nanomaterial development, and the academic excellence of the coordinating National Technical University of Athens.

We are looking forward to this collaboration! Follow the project on LinkedIn and Twitter to receive all the latest updates!