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New project for AMIRES portfolio – InVECOF – Innovative Value Chains for European Ceramic Oxide Fibres

In May 2022, the InVECOF project was launched. InVECOF addresses the development of a European oxide fibre and O-CMC component industry, decreasing dependence on non-EU producers.

InVECOF aims at creating a commercially available market within the EU for manufacturers of fabrics and O-CMCs (oxide ceramic matrix composites). Both O-CMC manufacturers and industrial end-users will exploit these new fibres in their manufacturing due to their superior performance and ensured security of supply.

The InVECOF project is led by Fraunhofer ISC and AMIRES is responsible for project management and dissemination. The consortium consists of RTO institutions, industrial producers of ceramic fibres and their end-users from aerospace and manufacturing industry from five EU countries.

Stay tuned for more up to date information and the website which will be launched shortly.