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New Product in House: AMIRES Ecosystem Management Platform (EMP)

AMIRES Ecosystem Management Platform (EMP) is a customizable IT tool for community building in any field. With the EMP tool, you can collect any relevant information around your particular field (such as organizations, available products or capabilities, news, and events…) and visualize it in an easy way in one place.
Depending on your needs, we can currently offer 4 customized modules for:

  1. Module: Marketplace of items (products/ services) search engine 
  2. Module: Organization profiles search engine 
  3. Module: Online content sharing – latest news, adds, reports… 
  4. Module: Tracking progress of your projects 

Appearance and layout of these modules can be customized. Differentiation is based on technology that you wish to showcase. Structure of the content is divided into individual filters on the left side and collected content on the right side. There are number of options to visualize your content with possibilities to add variety of labels (members, external…). AMIRES offers usage licence for EMP tool, with operational IT support. For more information, contact our product manager Jana Mwangi (