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Multimodal AI for pancreatic cancer: A new momentum for PANCAIM 

On the 6th of September, PANCAIM had its first of three review meetings with the European Commission and appointed external experts to assess the progress of the project. After a successful rehearsal meeting, the consortium members presented the progress and achievements of the first 1.5 years of the project, but also addressed challenges encountered, risks identified and mitigation strategies. The appointed external reviewers were satisfied with the progress and curious to learn more about the timeline for the upload of available data into the repository as well as the common data model which was developed specifically for PANCAIM’s multimodal approach. The intense preparations for the review provided for a new momentum for the consortium and the work has picked up speed to reach the expected milestones and objectives of the next few months.

For a deeper view into the scientific activities in PANCAIM, check out the recent article published by PANCAIM researchers in the journal Cancers – “Setting the Research Agenda for Clinical Artificial Intelligence in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Imaging” which provides a comprehensive review of the state of the art of AI in PDAC and the need for improvements which will be made by PANCAIM (Available open access here).

In order to support the further work in PANCAIM and especially development of multimodal AI which will speed up significantly in the coming months, PANCAIM partner university of Glashow has shared a call for both a PhD student as well as a Research Associate/Postdoc – please share these offers with anyone who might be interested and feel free to contact the PANCAIM team if you are interested.