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Our colleague Jana who joined us in December 2016 and who was on the parental leave returned to strengthen our forces.

Jana stayed work active even when she was on parental leave, in AMIRES we are proud that not only we care about Gender balance, we also support  women with families, by giving them a chance to work as their parental  responsibilities allow. We believe that it is important for women to stay active during maternity or parental leave as it is beneficial for connection with the team and work but also it helps the company to build a loyal team.

Back to Jana, she finished her International Master degree in Asia Pacific Affairs at the National Sun Yat-Sen University in Taiwan and has gained excellent insights into the world of economics and politics, and strengthened her analytical skills. Jana has accumulated good management skills from project management in one of the biggest company’s Research, Innovation and Development centre focused on ODE, OEM of small appliances in Asia. Her core duties were based in international trade and the expansion of businesses in Eastern and Central Europe. Specifically, she had identified and analysed data to determine company trends and new opportunities capable of bringing expansion.

About her job in AMIRES Jana says: “Over the last year, I witnessed enormous transformation of AMIRES in terms of management structure, new employees and new projects. Even though many things have changed I felt involved, and it eased my return after parental leave. Company’s progression, impact that we are doing in our projects and people around have kept me going in AMIRES for 5 beautiful years. I am always happy when I feel that project team trust me and rely on me in management aspect of the project”.

Currently, Jana acts as a project manager of POSEIDON (NanoPhOtonic devices applying SElf-assembled colloIDs for novel ON-chip light sources) projects, Community Manager in SmartEEs2 project and is also contributing to INSPIRE (InP on SiN Photonic Integrated circuits REalized through wafer-scale micro-transfer Printing).

We are happy to welcome Jana back!