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AMIRES at Hradec Economic Days 2023

AMIRES was invited to the HradecEconomicDays2023 on April 14, 2023 hosted by the University of Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. AMIRES Health & Biotech programme manager, Dr. Mariana Pacheco Blanco, participated as a panellist during the Technology transfer session, chaired by Prof. Ondrej Krejcar.

Mariana presented the opportunities from Horizon Europe (HE) for funding research and innovation projects in the Health/Biotechnology sector, as well as how AMIRES can support organisations in preparing competitive proposals.

Many upcoming calls from HE in the health cluster with a deadline in Fall 2023 are organised as two-stage evaluations and with a new type of grant: lump sum grants. There are some small but significant differences between a conventional grant type and the lump sum, and those also impact in the way the project has to be designed during proposal preparation. AMIRES has experience in the lump sum proposal preparation in HE for other clusters. In addition, AMIRES counts in its portfolio of a running project (TUMOR-LN-OC) which is part of the H2020 lump sum pilot programme.

From the other presenters, the attendees could learn about the programmes to support Czech companies for funding their R&D (Research and Development) activities, for example. through Czech invest and to researchers and other organisations through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR) grant programmes. The second part of the session featured successful stories in the knowledge and technology transfer, and their funding search experience, with speakers from Prague Bio, an incubator and innovation centre, Spadia laboratory, one of the largest diagnostic providers in the Czech Republic, Malaysia University and the venture for skin care, She Empire company, as well as TRILAB Czech 3D printing company.

After the sessions, a networking lunch took place in which the speakers could interact between each other and with the other participants.

We are looking forward to next year’s conference to learn more about successful technology transfer!

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