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From Idea to Patient: 3rd Regenerative Medicine Workshop

AMIRES and CSEM join efforts and organize the 3rd Regenerative Medicine Workshop – FROM IDEA TO PATIENT that will take place in Prague on June 1st,2023. If you are interested in listening and meeting leading experts from industry and academia developing and commercializing technology and biology in the field of regenerative medicine, register for free.

The regenerative medicine workshop brings together different EU-funded projects, initiatives, companies and researchers to exchange outcomes and experiences in the development of innovative technologies in the regenerative medicine field. It is the perfect opportunity to learn more about relevant technology trends and interests of the key players in this field. The event will feature Czech and international guests representing academia and medical device industry for an exchange of views and opinions on current needs and future technology solutions. In addition, a key focus is to explore opportunities for further collaborations and partnerships for commercialization, clinical introduction of their individual outcomes and/or for further research projects, so it is a great chance to establish and/or your new network in regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine in the 3rd edition

The workshop “FROM IDEA TO PATIENT” is organized in the 3rd edition, however, the story begins earlier.

The first edition took place as an intensive Virtual Regenerative Medicine Workshop “FROM LAB TO CLINIC”, which took place on 28 April, 2021. Together with speakers more than 80 people attended this event. The workshop was organized in the frame of the OrganTrans ( EU-funded project and was a part of the webinar series “NEXT GEN ORGAN-ON-CHIP & ORGANOIDS”. If you missed the chance to join us that time, you can watch the full recorded session HERE. Second workshop was organised on 12 October 2022 in the technology centrum in Prague under the motto “From project to market”: Paving the way towards real world impact of European Research and innovation. Around 50 participants discussed, among others, the importance of HTA (Health Technology Assessment) for the economic and social impact of new therapies, medical devices and emerging technologies, the employment of Laser Bioprinting for regenerative applications and organ on chips, the potential Extracellular Vesicles based therapeutics for cardiac repair, as well as the regeneration and challenges & hurdles of practical deployment of the new technologies in regenerative medicine field.

The third workshop is organised as the final event of the OrganTrans EU-funded project, by AMIRES and CSEM. OrganTrans proposes a disruptive alternative to donor organs for patients with chronic or end-stage liver diseases, using autologous liver stem cells combined with state-of the art bioprinting and biomaterials. Driven by a need of leading European transplant centers, OrganTrans is tackling current obstacles for liver regenerative medicine by combining advanced know-how in cell biology, biomaterials, bioengineering, automation, standardization and clinical translation. The project is developing a liver tissue printing platform which also serves as a platform technology that can be scaled to other organ systems.

During the upcoming RegMed event, the Coordinator of the OrganTrans project, Gilles Werder from CSEM, Switzerland, will present the main outcomes of the project and key takeaways and learnings for the follow-up period.

FROM IDEA TO PATIENT: Research projects and industry solutions for regenerative medicine

The program features a keynote, discussion of clinical needs, and presentations of enabling technologies. Get ready to be inspired by our keynote speaker, Prof. MUDr. Jan Bělohlávek, Ph.D. from the Department of Cardiology and Angiology at General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in the Czech Republic. Drawing upon his extensive expertise and groundbreaking research, Prof. Bělohlávek will delve into the crucial unmet needs surrounding post-ischemic cardiac regeneration. Furthermore, he will provide a fascinating exploration of the brain’s remarkable ability to withstand 60 minutes of cardiac arrest and subsequent resuscitation. This keynote presentation promises to offer valuable insights into the complexities of cardiac regeneration and the fascinating interplay between the brain and the heart, shedding new light on potential avenues for medical advancements in the field.

The lecture is followed by the presentation and exchange of experiences of EU-funded projects in this field. Following multinational research projects will be presented:

  • ORGANTRANS – Controlled Organoids transplantation as enabler for regenerative medicine translation
  • AMELIE – Anchored Muscle cELls for IncontinencE
  • PREMSTEM – The brain injury in the premature born infant: stem cell regeneration research network
  • JOINT PROMISE – Precision Manufacturing of Microengineered Complex Joint Implants

The next session, Clinical needs includes the presentation by the representative from BIOINOVA, Czech Republic, Kateřina Růžičková who has background in biochemistry, developmental biology, neuroscience and currently leading clinical trials controlling that they are conducted in accordance with regulations, guidelines and protocols.

During the afternoon, companies will present their offering of enabling technologies in the field, including HEALIVA (Switzerland), PhosPrint (Greece), Cellaion (Belgium). In addition to the formal agenda, coffee and lunch break will provide the opportunity for informal discussions and networking.

Registration is now open!

The event will take place on Thursday, 1st of June from 9-15h at Hotel Vienna House Diplomat Prague (Evropská 15. 16041 Prague).

The workshop is open to anyone interested, regardless of prior experience with the topic. Participation is free of charge, refreshments and lunch will be provided. Since places are limited, registration is mandatory. If interested to join us, please register HERE. With any further questions about the event, please approach Mariana Pacheco Blanco and our Health team at AMIRES (