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ETPN RegMed WG Webinar on Nanofibrous materials – from polymeric solutions to their applications

On Wednesday, 29 November 2016,  the fourth from the series of webinars organized by AMIRES and the ETPN Regenerative Medicine Working Group (RegMed WG) took place.  This fourth event titled „Nanofibrous materials – from polymeric solutions to their applications“, was led by Dr. Marek Pokorný, Chief researcher in Nanotechnology department, and  Dr. Kateřina Knotková, Chief application researcher in Nanotechnology department, of CONTIPRO, a Czech-based producer of bioactive compounds for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

In their presentation, Drs. Pokorný and Kontková:

  • Introduced research development activities at CONTIPRO (click HERE for more information);
  • Provided information about their unique 4SPIN® technologies (i.e. electrospinning, electrospraying, electroblowing and near-field electrospinning) – a desktop electrospinning device used in the nanofiber production and the preparation of nanofiber layers from solutions of biopolymers and synthetic polymer (click HERE for more info and HERE for a video);
  • Gave examples of some targeted applications;
  • Mentioned their openness to new interesting R&D collaborations.

Click HERE to see the presentation and HERE to listen to the presentation recording.

The ETPN RegMed WG webinars are open to both ETPN members and non-members.  By presenting recent advancement of ETPN members in the Regenerative Medicine field, these webinars aim to improve know how exchange, identification of key European experts and a wider networking between ETPN members (e.g. for collaborative projects). It is also intended to keep webinars open for ETPN non-members, particularly for industrial companies, to facilitate cooperation between researchers and enterprises (mainly SMEs).