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eCAP consortium makes strides towards improved diagnostics of reflux disease

On 18-19 April 2023, the first annual progress meeting for eCAP project took place in Strasbourg, France, hosted by the project coordinator – Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg. The consortium devoted the two days to taking stock of the progress made in the first year of the project and fleshing out the work plan going forward. eCAP ambition is to develop a novel medical device combining a smart capsule with an e-health platform to enable enhanced diagnostics and patient empowered disease management for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Therefore, leading to improved clinical outcomes for patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders across the globe.

In the first year of the project, the consortium focused on the mechanical design of the device, steered by Tyndall National Institute. The collaborative efforts are yielding promising results: the Imagination Factory, Tyndall National Institute and EnteraSense have designed and fabricated the first iteration of the capsule and implantation device. Meanwhile, Sentron has developed a novel flow detection method for diagnosing GERD and Integer is working on maximising the battery life of the capsule to ensure longer and more accurate patient monitoring. Meanwhile, the e-health workstream of the consortium has been further strengthened by the addition of a new partner – RDS (Rhythm Diagnostic Systems).

In the coming 12 months, the partners aim to deliver the first fully functional version of the eCAP capsule and digital platform, ready for clinical validation in France. This testing will be followed by clinical trials in Ukraine and Kenya to test the universality of the approach.

AMIRES is humbled to contribute to the management and communication activities of such an international project and looks forward to hosting the consortium partners in Prague in October for the next project meeting.

Read more on project progress on eCAP website and stay tuned by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.