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Developing multimodal AI for Pancreatic Cancer: The PANCAIM M18 Meeting

From 16-17 June 2022, AMIRES participated in the 18-month consortium meeting of the PANCAIM project in Nijmegen. 

The central idea of PANCAIM is to successfully exploit available genomic, imaging and clinical data to improve personalized medicine of pancreatic cancer patients by  pooling data from almost 6000 patients at 5 clinical sites in Europe in a comprehensive online repository. Based on this data, combining manual and automatic annotation and analysis of features, the consortium will then develop algorithms through machine learning and AI training. These tools will help clinicians to make a more accurate prognosis and offer better treatment recommendations and outcome predictions for patients with pancreatic cancer, increasing the survivability and quality of life of those affected.

The PANCAIM M18 Meeting featured presentations of all work packages and a number of open discussions, during which partners shared progress and updates, discussed risks and challenges, and aligned on next steps. The common dinner at a local restaurant allowed team members to celebrate 1.5 years of successful project implementation and (finally!) get to know each other in person, facilitating even better future cooperation. After a very fruitful meeting, partners returned to their respective institutions with a renewed ambition for the project as well as a long to-do list for the coming months. 

Visit the project website or download the project leaflet to learn more about the project and its current status!