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CONDOR: Successful completion of first 18 project months

On 19th – 20th of May, CONDOR team met to sum up the achievements for the first 18 months and to plan future actions in the project. Hosted by AMIRES in Prague, Czech Republic, the consortium had the chance to reunite after the COVID-19 outbreak, which represented the first in-person meeting for the team.

The CONDOR partners seized the opportunity to show their progress from a scientific perspective with regard to the project’s ultimate goal to develop an innovative renewable energy system for fuel productions. Each work package leader gave a presentation to share insight into the work performed for the development of CONDOR device. The partners reviewed the progress in the synthesis and modelling of molecular catalysts and the preparation of photoanodes for water, chloride or biomass oxidation, and (photo)cathodes for syngas production. The discussions also covered the ongoing parallel activities aimed at syngas conversion to fuels by thermal or photoactivated processes.
Summing up the first 18 months of the project, it is worth saying that the achieved results are aligned with the planned objectives. Overall, the project is well on track and the first 11 deliverables were submitted as well as the planned milestones were reached on time.
Coordinated by the University of Bologna, the CONDOR project connects well reputed technology development teams and key industrial partners. In the project, AMIRES is responsible for the project management and leads the work package dedicated to the communication and dissemination of results and exploitation activities.

More information for CONDOR project can be found HERE.