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AMIRES visit to University of Hradec Králové

In July, AMIRES had the pleasure of visiting the Science Faculty of University of Hradec Králové (UHK), which we have been collaborating with in the last months.

The campus tour was followed by a great discussion on the plans for levelling up European cooperation of the Center of Advanced Technology and Department of Chemistry at UHK. The focus of future research and innovation projects will be on remote patient monitoring, oncology, neurodegenerative disease, CBRN-e, and many more.

The Center of Advanced Technology (CAT) at UHK has wide-ranging expertise in collecting and analysing health data. Unobtrusive pads developed at CAT can be placed under the mattress for vital functions monitoring by evaluation of micro vibrations. There are currently 230 pads deployed in 25 hospitals and senior centres across the Czech Republic to follow the disease progression of patients. CAT is likewise working on small on-body sensors and a cloud solution for data collection and evaluation, which facilitates the management of clinical studies for doctors and researchers.

The key research areas of the Department of Chemistry are Alzheimer’s disease, cancer theranostics, enzymology, metabolomics, and organophosphorus countermeasures. Among other research interests, the team is eager to develop theranostics tools for cancer and Alzheimer’s, decrease side effects of chemotherapy, and create powerful organophosphorus antidotes and bioscavengers. The Department of Chemistry, with expertise in the decontamination of B and C agents, is currently looking for collaborators for projects related to CBRN-e.

We welcome partners to join forces with University of Hradec Králové on these and related research topics and look forward to new projects together!