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AMIRES Gender Equality Plan is right here!

We are excited to announce that its Gender Equality Plan has been just published. We always believe that, in order to make big changes in the world, one must start with small steps on the individual and organisational level. AMIRES has always believed that within those steps it is natural to support women in their professional and private lives.

Also, we believe that a successful team is based on diversity and a multidisciplinary approach. Apart from diversity in terms of gender, AMIRES is an example of cultural diversity, bringing together individuals from Brazil, Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, and Ukraine.

In addition, the AMIRES female team is a perfect example of multidisciplinary expertise, bringing together a combination of skills and knowledge that encompasses different fields, such as business, political sciences, engineering, international affairs, languages and biomedicine. Therefore, in AMIRES we have learned that tackling situations from different angles provides more efficient and effective solutions thanks to a multidisciplinary and enriched vision.

Furthermore, AMIRES is committed to promoting gender equality even beyond its organisation. Namely, AMIRES will go a step further and take actions to promote gender equality among its partners and clients. These activities mainly relate to proposal preparation and project implementation phases where AMIRES is involved.

Although, AMIRES has encouraged the female representation in leading positions in consortia and has in place the revision of the Gender Dimension section in proposals by the Gender Equality Board, these actions have been not monitored through formal procedure.

The AMIRES management together with the Gender Equality Board will ensure that attention is paid to gender aspects and will suggest appropriate actions where necessary. AMIRES is proud creating a positive and favourable working environment for all its employees regardless of their nationality, gender, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation or disability. This action plan is a living document and will be updated if relevant.

Read the AMIRES Gender Equality Plan HERE.

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